Activities AROUND Newburgh

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With the beautiful and somewhat challenging Newburgh on Ythan golf course a very short walk from our front door there is another 15 fantastic course within 

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The Settling Pigeon, Springing Teal, High Pheasant, Crossing Woodcock, and the Bolting Rabbit provide an excellent choice of targets to suit all ability levels whether you are a beginner or a serious shooter out to polish up on your skills.

Their clay pigeon shooting instructors (including an ex Scottish champion) make quick judgements on the ability of each clay pigeon shooter and endeavor to get all shooters to hit as many birds as possible with their expert instruction.

They use lightweight 28 gauge shotguns which have little or no recoil making them suitable for all ages 12 years and over. They can make all of their stands more challenging depending on skill and are proud to have given instruction to some of the best shots in the country.



​Choose a trustworthy friend or colleague to guide you round the 4x4 off road driving course whilst you are completely blindfolded. A relatively simple navigation course becomes your worst nightmare when you are trying to guide a throttle happy blindfolded driver around it!  Also excellent fun for the spectators. 


Another miracle or a magic trick? Well neither although the experience is certainly magic. Climb inside the huge clear inflated zorb and off you go walking across the water. Challenge your friends to see who has the best balance and skill to win this new activity, great family fun.



Amaze yourself by operating a 5.5 tonne full slew excavator filling barrels of water under expert guidance. 


An activity that is most often won by the ladies as their gentle operation of the digger results in the least amount of water being spilled. A great team building game with lots of audience participation!



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